1-23-2022 Order of Service

Crossing a Creek

Sunday, January 23, 2022, 10:20 am

Online on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/738363620
Passcode: BUF

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Meeting ID: 738 363 620
Passcode: 306220

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Led by Rev. Rose Edington with Carrie Koehnline, Celebrant

Gathering Music                 Love Changes Everything, by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Melanie Rieck, Keyboard Artist

Words of Welcome            Carrie Koehnline, Celebrant 

Prelude                               Agnus Dei, by Michael Smith

Opening Words                 “Crossing a Creek,” Martha Courtot

Rev. Rose Edington, Guest Minister

Hymn #188                          Come, Come, Whoever You Are

Chalice Lighting and Covenant

Love is the spirit of this fellowship, and service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity, and joined by a quest for truth,
We work for peace and honor all creation. This is our covenant.

Hymn #55                            Dark of Winter                                 

Silent Reflection or Prayer

Reading                               The Talk, A Parent/Child Conversation on Racism

Chalice Choir                      We Rise Again, by Leon Dubinsky

arranged by Stephen Smith

Led by Kevin Allen-Schmid, Music Director


Sermon Part I                      Crossing a Creek

Hymn #128                          For All That Is Our Life                  

Sermon Part II                    Crossing a Creek

Hymn #113                          Where Is Our Holy Church?           

SEJC Special Collection to benefit Raid Relief to Re-Unite Families (RRRF)

Offertory                              Let All Things Now Living, Welsh Air

Closing Words

Extinguish Chalice

Hymn #155                          Circle ‘Round for Freedom



Upcoming Services

Jan. 30 – Impossible Dreams – Rev. Barbara ten Hove with Rod Haines, Celebrant

The famous musical Man of La Mancha brought to life the iconic Don Quixote and his “impossible dream.” The story and music of this wonderful piece of theatre touches on deeply spiritual topics including how we might find hope in the midst of despair. Using words and songs from the musical, this service will explore the many ways “impossible” dreams guide us to live our lives with intention and hope.

Today is the day for BUF’s Second Annual SOUPer budget BOWL (without the soup), after the service and coffee hour.  We are using the Sanctuary zoom connection at https://zoom.us/j/738363620 Passcode: BUF   The Operations Team is hosting a meeting for in-person attendees and via zoom  from 12:00 to 1:00pm.  After a brief overview of BUF’s budgeting process we’ll gather input on the 2022 budget, project priorities and big picture vision. All you need to do is show up or stay on your zoom connection after the service.


Black Lives Matter – Mondays on Zoom 6:00 p.m. On Mondays in January, we will read and discuss Dogwhistle Politics, by Ian Hainey Lopez. In February, we’ll continue with The Sum of Us, by Heather McGee. Two copies of Dogwhistle Politics are available from Cat McIntyre, in the BUF workroom.  Zoom links will appear in the Midweek Update calendar.


Please join us for a lively and informative launch of this year’s accountability process to the Covenant of Beloved Community on Sunday, Jan 30 at Noon. Now is the time to review and learn from the work that’s been done and hoist the sails together so we can grow as a Fellowship towards a truly Beloved Community. RSVP TO admin@buf.org include CBC Launch 2022 in subject line. Materials and zoom invite will be emailed to you for review. Click here for a copy of the project continuum.


Raid Relief for Families (RRRF) is Special Collection Recipient for January. 18 families were shocked when their breadwinners were picked up by ICE early on August 29, 2018, on their way to work or at home. The families and their supporters organized as Raid Relief to Reunite Families (RRRF). Since then some have been deported, some have applied for asylum or have been denied asylum and have appealed, either from Mexico or from within the United States; all the cases are different but all cause grief, frustration, hardship, and, at times, hope. The funds we provide go toward legal costs, bail, stipends and supplies for fundraising. Donations can be made on special collection Sunday, or on buf.org or directly to the office.


Invitation to join Flowering Cherry Sangha Our meditation meets Thursdays from 2-3 via zoom for meditation practice and group discussion. On January 20, we will begin discussing Philip Moffitt’s Dancing with Life: Finding Meaning and Joy in the Face of Suffering. This book provides insights on how to live wisely based on the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha. If you wish to participate in our community of mindfulness practice, please contact Alan Friedlob at afcitizenscience@gmail.com to receive a zoom invitation.


ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Notice! The White Christ, Black Jesus class is postponed until February 13 to give people more time to sign up. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Genia at genia@BUF.org. by Friday, January 21.