2-14-2021 Order of Service

Kind vs Nice

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

February 14, 2021, 10:30 am

Online at https://zoom.us/j/738363620
Passcode: BUF

By phone, for audio only: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 738 363 620
Passcode: 306220

Giving Options:

Please mail donations, payable to “BUF” to 1207 Ellsworth, Bellingham WA, 98225

Or donate online at buf.org

Or from your phone, use “Give+” for iPhone / Android


Gathering Music              Andrea Rackl: Oblivion, by Piazzolla

Welcome                         Rev Paul Beckel

Singing Together           Kevin Allen-Schmid: #146 Soon the Day will Arrive

Chalice Lighting               Sky Hedman



Children’s Focus              How are you Peeling? by Saxton Freymann

Meditation / Milestones

Anti-Racism                      Elie Friedlob

Reflections, Part 1

Interlude                           Las Mañanitas, sung by Lisa Kusick

Reflections, Part 2

Social and Environmental Justice Collection

Emily O’Connor, Executive Director, Lydia Place

Offertory                           Mazurka in Gm, by Chopin

Singing Together            #407 We’re Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table


Circle ‘Round

Postlude                          Beth Fuller sings On The Street Where You Live

Behind the scenes: Jeff Copeland, Rory McLeod, Rod Haynes

Coffee Hour: Stay on Zoom AFTER the service. We’ll break into small randomized groups for about 10 minutes, then the groups will be juggled for another 10 minute period. Stay as long as you like to meet newcomers, and people that you might not otherwise have met … check-in on one another’s well-being … and reflect on the theme of today’s service.

Soon the Day will Arrive

Soon the day will arrive when we will be together,
and no longer will we live in fear.
And the children will smile without wondering whether
on that day thunderclouds will appear.

Wait and see, wait and see what a world there can be
if we share, if we care, you and me.
Wait and see, wait and see what a world there can be
if we share, if we care, you and me.

Some have dreamed, some have died to make a bright tomorrow,
and our vision remains in our hearts.
Now the torch must be passed with new hope, not in sorrow,
and a promise to make a new start.



Our BUF Covenant

Love is the spirit of this fellowship, and service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity, and joined by a quest for truth,
we work for peace, and honor all creation. This is our covenant.


We’re gonna sit at the welcome table

We’re gonna sit at the welcome table.
We’re gonna sit at the welcome table one of these days, hallelujah!
We’re gonna sit at the welcome table,
gonna sit at the welcome table one of these days.

All kinds of people around that table…

No fancy style at the welcome table…

Upcoming Services:


Sunday February 21             Beloved Community as an Antidote to Shame

Rather than “sin,” UUs tend to resonate with the concept of “harm.” And, in response to sin/harm, instead of “shame,” we seek “opportunities to reflect.” In both cases, the difference is whether we focus on individual penance vs mending relationships.


Sunday February 28             We get to Love

Despite our differences, we get to love each. Despite the obstacles and misunderstandings, we get to love. Despite the isolation, fear, and uncertainty, we get to love. And we get to continue, throughout our lives, to expand the circle, practice letting go of ego, and continue becoming the beloved community that we wish to see in the world.


Sunday Zoom Link: Meeting ID 738 363 620
Passcode is BUF



“We Shall Be Known” February, 2021 This is an initiative of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Choir and their director Kevin AllenSchmid, on behalf of the Interfaith Coalition. Singers from congregational, school, college and community choirs county-wide are invited to participate. You are invited to join this virtual choir in order to sing together and inspire one another virtually, to spread a musical message of hope and solidarity, and to support the Interfaith Coalition, which provides services for Whatcom County residents experiencing homelessness.

We are undertaking this project instead of coming together in person for a 2021 Interfaith Coalition Music Festival, which usually happens annually in February. The song “We Shall Be Known,” is an easily singable, heart-felt and inspiring three-part song. The score and instructions for the song are available at the BUF foyer (knock on the front door, Mon-Fri between 10 and 4pm.)  All info, contact Kevin Allen-Schmid at kevin@buf.org


The Special Collection recipient for February is Lydia Place.  The collection will be held on February 14th when you can learn more about their mission to break the cycle of homelessness and promote independence for current and future generations. Its Transitional Housing Program consists of the Gladstone House which is the home for women and children who have nowhere else to go. The facility was started in 1989 by a group of women of the Church Women United. These “founding mothers” of Lydia Place included two women from BUF. Support from BUF has been a strong force for this program.


Widening the Circle Study Group Join a Study Group to assess our Fellowship’s progress towards building a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community. Guided by The Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change of 2020, our Widening the Circle study group, starting in March, is an 11-session structured self-examination about who we are now, and the actions and changes we need to make in order to accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and at BUF. Our inquiry will be led by Genia Allen-Schmid, and Reverends Mel Hoover and Rose Edington. You can download the free Report and Study Guide we will use to learn more about it here: https://www.uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/cic/widening
If you wish to join, or have further questions, please contact Genia at genia@buf.org.


Meal Train for Ernie Hinds  Ernie Hinds is scheduled for surgery on Feb. 1, 2021. I have set up a Meal train for him starting Feb. 9. Thanks to all of you wonderful cooks out there for helping Ernie. https://mealtrain.com/2608w5 ~Heather Higgins


Rev. Tessie Mandeville and Andrew Schoneberg are co-producing a new podcast called Spirit Matters. The vision is that this how will encompass all manner of spirit and spirituality, casting a broad and deep net in the complex, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, pluralistic world in which we live. Sometimes you’ll hear Tessie in a solo podcast and at other times you will hear Tessie interview guests — some of whom you may recognize from our BUF community. You are invited to listen in whenever you want at Bellingham’s local radio station KMRE 102.3 where you will find the podcast on demand at

http://kmre.org/podcasts/spirit-matters. Let us know what you think: Tessie@buf.org and pacificgroove@live.com.


BUF Online Auction being planned for May! We are shifting to an all online auction this year. Due to COVID social distancing requirements, we will be moving away from events and back to items and services. The auction will be mid-May. Please take the next few months to identify items you might like to donate to BUF for this purpose. Items should be clean and in good condition and valued at $10 or more (feel free to bundle items to reach that minimum!). Looking forward to offering a variety of items and services for our annual fundraiser! Debbie Boots, auction@buf.org