3-21-2021 Order of Service

Equilibrium, Intersection, Niwa Sono

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

March 21, 2021, 10:20 am

Online on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/738363620
Passcode: BUF

By phone, for audio only: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 738 363 620
Passcode: 306220

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Song titles contain a link to a commentary on that song

Announcements further below

Zoom Hosts: Kai Rappaport, Rory McLeod, Rod Haynes

AV Techs in the Sanctuary: Mark Allyn, Andrew Schoneberg


Gathering Music       Melanie Rieck             Japanese Festival by Yoshinao Nakada

Welcome                    Noreen Fujita-Sacco & Rev Paul Beckel

Chalice Lighting       


Singing Together                                          #163 For the Earth Forever Turning


Meditation / Milestones

Interlude                                                         Sakura

Anti-Racism               Mike Betz

Reflections                Noreen

Singing Together       Kevin Allen-Schmid   #177 Sakura

Reflections                Paul

Offertory                                                       A Story in My Dream by Yoshinao Nakada

Singing Together                                          #1064 Blue Boat Home

Benediction / Extinguishing the Chalice

Circle ‘Round

Postlude                                                         The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann


Afterward: 10-Minute Breakout Rooms

Stay with us. We’ll break into small randomized groups for about 10 minutes. Then the groups will be juggled for another 10 minute period. Stay as long as you like to meet newcomers, and people that you might not otherwise have met … check-in on one another’s well-being … and reflect on the theme of today’s service.

Our BUF Covenant

Love is the spirit of this fellowship, and service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity, and joined by a quest for truth,
we work for peace, and honor all creation. This is our covenant.


For the Earth Forever Turning

For the earth forever turning; for the skies, for ev’ry sea;
for our lives, for all we cherish, sing we our joyful song of peace.

For the mountains, hills, and pastures in their silent majesty;
for the stars, for all the heavens, sing we our joyful song of peace.

For the sun, for rain and thunder, for the seasons’ harmony,
for our lives, for all creation, sing we our joyful praise to Thee.

For the world we raise our voices, for the home that gives us birth;
in our joy we sing returning home to our bluegreen hills of earth.



Cherry blooms, cherry blooms,
cherry blooms are ev’rywhere,
like a cloud from out the sky!
Mists of blossoms fill the air,
cherries, cherries blossoming!
Come and see, come and see;
let all now see and sing.

Cherry blooms, cherry blooms,
all the world their beauty sees!
Yoshino is cherry land;
tatsuta for maple trees;
karasaki for the pine.
Let us go, let us go —
where pine trees greenly shine.


Blue Boat Home

Though below me, I feel no motion standing on these mountains and plains.
Far away from the rolling ocean still my dry land heart can say:
I’ve been sailing all my life now, never harbor or port have I known.
The wide universe is the ocean I travel and the earth is my blue boat home.

Sun my sail and moon my rudder as I ply the starry sea,
leaning over the edge in wonder, casting questions into the deep.
Drifting here with my ship’s companions, all we kindred pilgrim souls,
making our way by the lights of the heavens in our beautiful blue boat home.

I give thanks to the waves up holding me, hail the great winds urging me on,
greet the infinite sea before me, sing the sky my sailor’s song:
I was born up on the fathoms, never harbor or port have I known.
The wide universe is the ocean I travel, and the earth is my blue boat home.




March 28        On Commitment – Rod Haynes, Daria Haynes, Cat McIntyre

Reflections on the multiple dimensions of commitment and their consequences for our personal, interpersonal, and wide-ranging social and civic relationships. Also: our newest member, Naomi Gary introduces herself and speaks about her life-long involvement in and commitment to Unitarian Universalism.

Service begins at 10:20 am
Sunday Zoom Link: Meeting ID 738 363 620
Passcode is BUF


Sunday, March 21 from 1:00 to 3:00 we’re going to have a LOVE and LIGHT FEST, celebrating the Equinox and the lengthening of our days. We will have love songs performed by members of the choir outside in front of BUF (see below for details,) Bubbles of Love for you to drive through, and modeling clay and votives for you to make a chalice at home with, as well as some bulbs to plant! Fair Trade will be there, for stocking up on coffee, tea and chocolates! There is light at the end of the tunnel at last! Come join us, outside and socially distanced, as we spread a little love and light around!!


BUF-SEJC Collection Recipient in March: Growing Veterans

(Contribution can be made throughout March) Mission of the Organization: To empower veterans to cultivate purpose and belonging by growing food, community and each other. Their Vision: End isolation that leads to veteran suicide. They started an agricultural project that involves the veterans’ participation, thereby enabling the military veterans to build (“grow”) community, grow food and support each other.


Now is the Time to Pledge You all know that I love to count. But there are still so many pledges to count that have not yet been received. You will not be contacted by a canvasser this year unless you specifically request it. To make your pledge, we request that you go to our website buf.org and complete the pledge form there. Alternatively, you can simply email your pledge instructions to us at stewardship@buf.org. We seek to complete the pledge drive this year by the end of this month to give the BUF Board enough time to work out a budget. They will be setting plans in motion for our return to having services and activities in person. That is so exciting!

Also, most of us will be receiving another stimulus payment of $1,400 per person. If you are able, some of this can be shared with BUF through a higher pledge, or just an extra gift. The BUF stewardship team is counting on you! Blah! I mean Cheers, Vlad D. Improver (aka Rick Steele).


Join us in reading and discussion to understand Buddhism.  We meet weekly on Tuesday at 11:30 am to discuss Approaching the Buddhist Path by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron This class meets for the first time on March.  All are welcome to join, as we start from the beginning. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Debu Majumdar.


2021-2022 SEJC Collections – Call for Applicants! The BUF Social and Environmental Justice Committee (SEJC) welcomes BUF Members and Friends to invite organizations to apply. Please be sure such organizations meet SEJC’s areas of justice focus: women and children, environment, poverty/homelessness, peace and human rights, social and economic justice, and health. Find the short (appx one page) application (due by April 1st) at buf.org, click on justice, then click on the side menu link to “SEJC collection application.” Each applicant will also be interviewed by May 24th. Questions? Contact Kara Black.


SEJC Has a new Program Session with BUF’s Ministry Action Teams! Sunday, April 11th at 12:00. WELCOMING all BUF Members and friends! Join our Ministry Action teams and discover our social and environmental justice efforts with the new shorter informational zoom meeting. Our current SEJC teams include: · Immigrant Rights · Native American Connections · Black Lives Matter · Interweave · Environmental Justice · Humanitas · Family Promise · Interfaith Coalition · C2C/BUF Partnership · Fair Trade This is your chance to hear the teams present their work and hear some insights and outsights from JUUstice Washington and UUSC about justice work around the region, the nation and internationally. Details about each of the Ministry Action Teams are on buf.org. Please come with your questions! Do have a passion about an issue not represented here? Bring your ideas!