5-30-2021 Order of Service

Leading by Following

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

May 30, 2021, 10:20 am

Online on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/738363620
Passcode: BUF

By phone, for audio only: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 738 363 620
Passcode: 306220

Giving Options:

Please mail donations, payable to “BUF” to 1207 Ellsworth, Bellingham WA, 98225

Or donate online at buf.org

Or from your phone, use “Give+” for iPhone / Android


Song titles contain a link to a commentary on that song

Announcements below

Tech Support: Walt Ellis, Jeff Copeland, Rod Haynes, Andrew Schoneberg


Gathering Music        Andrea Rackl

Welcome                    Rev Paul Beckel

Chalice Lighting        Jeff Copeland


Singing Together      #1046 Shall we gather by the River, led by Jane Ronca-Washburn


Children’s Focus       Tell me a Story, Mama by Angela Johnson/David Soman

read by Drew Betz

Meditation / Milestones       

Singing Together      #1008 When Our Heart Is In a Holy Place

Anti-Racism               Bharti Kirchner

Interlude                    “A Simple Song”


Intro Collection        


Singing Together      #1028 Fire of Commitment



Circle Round            


Afterward: a series of 10-Minute Breakout Rooms

Stay with us. We’ll break into small randomized groups for about 10 minutes. Then the groups will be juggled for another 10 minute period. Stay as long as you like to meet newcomers, and people that you might not otherwise have met … check-in on one another’s well-being … and reflect on the theme of today’s service.

Our BUF Covenant

Love is the spirit of this fellowship, and service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity, and joined by a quest for truth,
we work for peace, and honor all creation. This is our covenant.


Shall We Gather at the River

Shall we gather at the river, where bright angel feet have trod,
with its crystal tide forever flowing by the throne of God?

Yes, we’ll gather at the river,
the beautiful, the beautiful river,
gather with the saints at the river
that flows by the throne of God.

On the margin of the river, washing up its silver spray,
we will walk and worship ever, all the happy golden day.


Ere we reach the shining river, lay we ev’ry burden down.
Grace our spirits will deliver, and provide a robe and a crown.


Soon we’ll reach the shining river, soon our pilgrimage will cease,
soon our happy hearts will quiver, with the melody of peace.



When Our Heart is in a Holy Place

When our heart is in a holy place,
When our heart is in a holy place,
We are bless’d with love and amazing grace,
When our heart is in a holy place.

When we trust the wisdom in each of us,
Ev’ry color ev’ry creed and kind,
And we see our faces in each other’s eyes,
Then our heart is in a holy place.


When we tell our story from deep inside,
And we listen with a loving mind,
And we hear our voices in each other’s words,
Then our heart is in a holy place.


When we share the silence of sacred space,
And the God of our Heart stirs within,
And we feel the power of each other’s faith,
Then our heart is in a holy place.



The Fire of Commitment

From the light of days remembered burns a beacon bright and clear
Guiding hands and hearts and spirits Into faith set free from fear.

When the fire of commitment sets our mind and soul a blaze
When our hunger and our passion meet to call us on our way
When we live with deep assurance of the flame that burns within,
Then our promise finds fulfillment and our future can begin.

From the stories of our living rings a song both brave and free,
Calling pilgrims still to witness to the life of liberty.


From the dreams of youthful vision comes a new, prophetic voice,
Which demands a deeper justice built by our courageous choice




Next Sunday: June 6           

Turn the World Around: Our Choir Finale and High School Bridging Ceremony

A fully-vaccinated-ensemble will sing and dance, and graduates Liam Reynolds and Charlie will speak about growing up at BUF, and share original artwork and music. Come support these two fine young people and be a part of this time-honored BUF tradition.

Sunday Service  Zoom Link: Meeting ID 738 363 620
Worship starts at 10:20am
Passcode is BUF
Phone: (669) 900-683


Taize with Rev. Tessie Mandeville

First Monday of each Month

Monday, June 7  7-8:00 pm
or dial in: (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 753181200


Spring Outdoor Work Party

Let’s Keep our BUF Landscape Looking Beautiful 

Saturday morning, June 5, 9:00 AM until noon.
Bring the kids and make it a family outing. The BUF upstairs restrooms will be available.  We’ll supply the coffee and snacks.  For more information contact , Kathy Wahto (kathy@buf.org), or Ron Quinn, or Jim Reimer via the BUF Directory https://wp.buf.org/connection/members-and-friends-directory/ or thru the office: https://wp.buf.org/administration-overview/contact/


½ to BUF- business close sale

Sunday afternoon May 30th
We have closed our two businesses, our Inn and our Retreat Center, and we have many items to sell ranging from large (leather couch, arm chairs, desks) to small (lovely lamps, new boxes of dishware/glasses). For any BUFsters purchasing, 1/2 of your purchase will go to BUF! We are on Mt. Baker Highway about 12 minutes from BUF. ~Kara Black


Covid Safety Update

Vaccination Survey Results

A survey was sent to all by the Covid task force on May 15 to get information on the vaccination status of members. We received 221 replies. Of those 221 respondents 209 reported being fully vaccinated, another 5 reported being partially vaccinated and 3 more say that they intend to get vaccinated soon. If you add those numbers together the total is about 98%.

How might we might apply this information as we go forward? We’ll begin by gathering on Zoom at noon, on Sunday, June 13. We’ll use the same link as we use for Sunday services.

Sunday Services

After 15 months of go-go-go, our staff and volunteers will be taking some long-delayed time off. So services in July and August will be on Zoom only. Presenters will also be on Zoom from their homes (or the Chuckanuts).

 Guidelines for Groups of 15 or Fewer

Our guidelines remain the same. They are rephrased a bit here for clarity:

  1. When all participants attest that they are vaccinated
  • Distancing and masking are not required
  1. In all other cases:

Indoors at BUF

  • 6-foot distancing and triple masking are required
  • Triple masking means a single three-layer mask such as the KN-95


  • Distancing is required; masking is not required

In your home or yard:

  • Stay within State guidelines
  • Ask your guests about their needs … and establish a group agreement about expectations in advance

 Please contact covidtaskforce@buf.org with questions or feedback


Little House on I Street For Rent

beginning 1 July 2021. $1,850 per month
2 bdrm plus walk-out basement house has both residential and commercial use, parking in back, close and convenient to downtown but quiet neighborhood. For more info: Molly Monahan — via the BUF Directory https://wp.buf.org/connection/members-and-friends-directory/ or thru the office: https://wp.buf.org/administration-overview/contact/.

The New Chalice Book Group

We have been meeting via Zoom and enjoying our discussions this year.  We finish our year in June with a discussion of Educated. As a group we have reached consensus that we would like to open the group for some new members to begin in July, when we will be selecting books for our next year. The group would like to add 2-3 new members. We have been meeting in the evening of the second Thursday but have switched it up to accommodate schedules as needed. In the pandemic, we have also skipped a month due to uncertainties of health, etc.

If you are interested in joining a lively group with diverse interests, please contact Drew Betz — before June 8th — via the BUF Directory https://wp.buf.org/connection/members-and-friends-directory/ or thru the office: https://wp.buf.org/administration-overview/contact/.


Interfaith Coalition opportunities and needs

  • Childrens’ Books in good condition (no rips, tears, writing, etc.) and no more than 5 years old (none of the old “classics” please.) Bilingual (Spanish and Russian, particularly), toddler board books, and graded readers are especially needed.
  • CAST – Adult-size Socks. Vinyl or cloth re-usable grocery bags.
  • If you’re cleaning out your closet, or hitting the garage sales this summer, hang on to winter coats, gloves and hats for our winter warmth drive this September.
  • Yard work project help is needed: in Ferndale, one yard needs reseeding, hedges trimmed, lawn mowed, and gravel moved. In Bellingham, our 4-plex needs some cleanup, weeding, trimming, moving bark mulch, and other touch ups. If you or your congregation are available to help, please contact Lindsey@interfaith-coalition.org.

Drop donated items at our office at 910 14th Street, in St. James Presbyterian Church. Please call first, however, to ensure someone is in the office to take the donation (360-734-3983.)

And finally, a quote from a housing guest…
“This is the nicest, warmest, loving house that I have had and ever will have. Thank you. To every single person who was involved in building, putting together, and arranging living here, I want to say thank you and may good things come to you.”          “Ashley”, age 15