6-6-2021 Order of Service

Turn the World Around:

Our Choir Finale and High School Bridging Ceremony


June 6, 2021, 10:20 am

Online on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/738363620
Passcode: BUF

By phone, for audio only: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 738 363 620
Passcode: 306220

Giving Options:

Please mail donations, payable to “BUF” to 1207 Ellsworth, Bellingham WA, 98225

Or donate online at buf.org

Or from your phone, use “Give+” for iPhone / Android

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Afterward: a series of 10-Minute Breakout Rooms

Stay with us. We’ll break into small randomized groups for about 10 minutes. Then the groups will be juggled for another 10 minute period. Stay as long as you like to meet newcomers, and people that you might not otherwise have met … check-in on one another’s well-being … and reflect on the theme of today’s service.




Taize with Rev. Tessie Mandeville

First Monday of each Month

Monday, June 7  7-8:00 pm
or dial in: (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 753181200


Black Lives Matter Business and Planning Meeting

Monday, June 7 at 6pm.
Zoom meeting ID 962 9295 2304
Passcode BUF.


The New Chalice Book Group

We have been meeting via Zoom and enjoying our discussions this year. We finish our year in June with a discussion of Educated. As a group we have reached consensus that we would like to open the group for some new members to begin in July, when we will be selecting books for our next year. The group would like to add 2-3 new members. We have been meeting in the evening of the second Thursday but have switched it up to accommodate schedules as needed. In the pandemic, we have also skipped a month due to uncertainties of health, etc.

If you are interested in joining a lively group with diverse interests, please contact Drew Betz — before June 8th — via the BUF Directory https://wp.buf.org/connection/members-and-friends-directory/ or thru the office: https://wp.buf.org/administration-overview/contact/.


Covid Safety Update

Vaccination Survey Results

A survey was sent to all by the Covid task force on May 15 to get information on the vaccination status of members. We received 221 replies. Of those 221 respondents 209 reported being fully vaccinated, another 5 reported being partially vaccinated and 3 more say that they intend to get vaccinated soon. If you add those numbers together the total is about 98%.

How might we might apply this information as we go forward? We’ll begin by gathering on Zoom at noon, on Sunday, June 13. We’ll use the same link as we use for Sunday services.

Sunday Services

After 15 months of go-go-go, our staff and volunteers will be taking some long-delayed time off. So services in July and August will be on Zoom only. Presenters will also be on Zoom from their homes (or the Chuckanuts).

Guidelines for Groups of 15 or Fewer

Our guidelines remain the same. They are rephrased a bit here for clarity:

  1. When all participants attest that they are vaccinated
  • Distancing and masking are not required
  1. In all other cases:

Indoors at BUF

  • 6-foot distancing and triple masking are required
  • Triple masking means a single three-layer mask such as the KN-95


  • Distancing is required; masking is not required

In your home or yard:

  • Stay within State guidelines
  • Ask your guests about their needs … and establish a group agreement about expectations in advance

 Please contact covidtaskforce@buf.org with questions or feedback


Hiring Update 

We have known for some time that Sue Sayegh would be retiring as BUF’s bookkeeper at the end of this fiscal year. We deeply appreciate Sue’s dedicated work for the fellowship over the past dozen years. We will miss Sue working in the office but she will remain a vital member of the BUF community.

For the past 10 weeks or so we also thought that we would be saying goodbye to Kathy Wahto as our administrator. I am pleased to announce that Kathy will not be leaving us at this time. We are in the process of reconfiguring the administrator position such that Kathy will be taking on a good deal of the bookkeeping work, while moving away from some of the other work that can and should be performed by congregational volunteers. Over the next 3-6 months there will be a team working with Kathy to help in this reconfiguration. You will be hearing from its members as we recruit the necessary volunteers. The area that is most in need of dedicated and reliable volunteer help is with the care of our building and grounds. BUF needs to have a functional Buildings and Grounds Team in order to make Kathy’s newly reconfigured position viable over the long term. More volunteer help is also needed in the office to help take some of the more routine tasks off of the administrator’s plate. Please think of ways that you could step up to help at BUF and then contact a member of the transition team

~ Barbara Ellis-Quinn, Chair of Human Resources Team
(Transition team consists of Paul Beckel, John Stewart and myself)


Changes Coming to Mid-Week Update 

Newsletter changes are planned to take effect over the summer. Patricia Conover, who you may know for the “Surfin the Web” column, will be volunteering as Editor for the MWU and will work closely with Deb Cruz, who edits and covers most SEJC events.

Among the changes  will be working on are a clarified “calendar of events” and a section specifically for volunteer opportunities. Stay Tuned as the MWU morphs!

Summer Publishing Schedule for MWU

During the summer for the past few years, we have published the MWU on a bi-weekly schedule.

So there will not be a MWU published on Wednesday, June 9th.

Thereafter: June 16, June 30, July 14. July 28, Aug 11, Aug 25 and Sept 8, resuming weekly publication.


BUF-SEJC Collection Recipient for June

Whatcom Family and Community Network

The WFC Network brings together community organizations concerned with children, youth and family welfare and supports to build their capacities — skills and competencies — to respond to issues and challenges in innovative and inclusive ways. The Network’s ultimate purpose is to develop a thriving community built upon equity, social connection, participation and opportunities.

Reflecting the values of equity and participation, the MAD HOPE is a youth initiated and peer-led wellness training for middle school and high school students in classrooms (and this year over Zoom) throughout Whatcom County. More details of how this process works, the important need it meets and the critical role of peers will be presented, with an illustrative story, in the next week’s Midweek Update.  Please be sure to return for more information.

In Peace, Sita Amba-Rao, BUF-SEJC