Keyboard Artist


I’ve been playing the piano since I was eight, teaching music since I was fifteen, playing in the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra since I was 22, and making music at BUF since I was 26. I’m now 43 and feeling pretty darned blessed to be able to follow my life’s calling and make a living at it.

At BUF, I enjoy all the different ways my skills get used – reading, accompanying, improvising, and playing in many different genres. I like how we’re always trying something new. It really keeps me engaged!

In addition to the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra, you can see me in local and regional concerts, where I’m a classical musician who likes to bend the borders on what classical musicians do. Live improv after a Schubert Sonata? Sure! And don’t be surprised when you see my duet partner and me jump up and swap spots.

Outside of my musical life, I enjoy working on my fixer-upper home, growing delicious veggies, being active outside, and spending time with my partner and our collective four kids.