Pause, Connect, Reflect, and Rejuvenate

This is a series on how our congregants are making creative use of their time. Recently, I spoke with the following BUFsters.

Reka Zoltan and George Bor – While Reka takes long walks in the park and draws pictures of birds, George tends to his container garden on their patio. He grows bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, and radish, along with pansies, “a little bit of everything.”
Marsha Devine – Marsha’s nature walks often result in one or more haiku poems. While composing one, she reminds herself of the saying she once heard: Draw what you see, not what you think you see. Allow no judgment. “My process is similar to taking a photograph,” she says.
Barbara Gilday – An avid gardener who can work dawn to dusk in her yard. Barbara is taking time to remodel her new house. One major project is to install a huge skylight, which she says, “will lighten the dark corners of the living room, so needed.”
David and Jamey Curley – As if having a backyard sanctuary of greenery and flowers is not enough, the Curleys have installed raised beds to grow a kitchen garden. I watch as the couple proudly inspect the beds, which are high off the ground and divided into small squares, lettuce and herb leaves bursting out of them.

And this from bbva.com: “The day is very long and now that you don’t go in and out of the home, as usual, you must also look for things to do that are unrelated to work. Inactivity generates negative emotions and increases your frustration. Try to find activities that take up your time, whether alone, with your partner or with the family, and that increase your feeling of well-being. What have you always wanted to do, but have never been able to find the time for?”

Be well,