from the COVID Task Force

Guidelines for Small Groups

As of May 21, 2021, the following guidelines apply to BUF-related gatherings of FIFTEEN OR FEWER people.

  1. When all participants attest that they are vaccinated, distancing and masking are not required.
  2. When participants are not asked to attest that they are vaccinated (this includes activities attended by children for whom vaccination is not yet available)

    • Indoors at BUF: 6-foot distancing and triple masking are required
    • Outdoors: Distancing required; masking not required
    • Privately Hosted (indoors or out): requirements to be determined by the host

Please note:

    • “Triple masking” means a single three-layer mask such as the KN-95
    • “Determined by the host” requires staying within State guidelines

Please contact with questions or feedback.

The COVID Task Force consists of Rev. Paul Beckel; Board members, Murray Bennett and Bharti Kirchner; Deb Cruz, Kathy Wahto, Lisa Moss and Ken Gass. Jim Reimer has been invited as a technical resource.

Please watch this space for further COVID updates.