from the COVID Task Force

BUF’s COVID Task Force has worked hard to meet the varying needs and comfort levels of the members of the congregation. During the first 18 months of the pandemic, we held zoom services exclusively. When we resumed in person services in the Fall of 2021, we limited the number of people, spaced the pews farther apart, and required vaccinations and masking. We installed a new ventilation system that has a rapid recirculation of fresh air. Gradually we have been loosening the restrictions. In April 2022, following the relaxing of the state mandate requiring masking, we made masks optional. Since then we’ve added coffee hour, choir rehearsals and performances, but had held off allowing for full seating and sit down meals.

At this point, the COVID Task Force has recommended, and the Board has approved, reopening fully. We still encourage people to be fully vaccinated – including boosters – but we no longer require attendees to be vaccinated or masked.

As conditions change, we will continue to follow State, local, and CDC guidelines. Should you or anyone with whom you’ve had close contact feel unwell, or if you have a positive COVID test, please follow CDC guidelines around quarantining:

We appreciate your understanding, ongoing caution, and consideration for one another.