Theme: Journey

March 1   Journey of a s/hero

Ages K-2 will have a Spirit Play class on “Journey”. Older children will create 3-D depictions of the 12 stages of the s/heroe’s journey, developing a collaborative story. During the process we will examine and share how we personally navigate through the world, meeting our challenges and goals.



Children K-8 will be taking an inward journey of reflection and heightened awareness. We will make, serve, and partake of tea and various foods while practicing mindfulness. The morning will culminate with a walking meditation in the park and, finally, a laughing circle in the flex room.


March 15 FIELD TRIP to Mindport Exhibits

K-8 will take a journey to Mindport. Docents will take us through the museum’s latest interactive exhibits, exploring the wonder of the physical world. We’ll leave promptly at 10:30 and return by 12:15. A signed permission slip is required.


March 22 Multi-gen Service

Children from 3rd grade on up are encouraged to remain in the service for an engaging, interactive service on Women’s Rights and voting. Preschool and playtime will be offered upstairs for younger children.


March 29 Kitchen Orientation and COOKING

We’ll have preschool as usual and K-2 will have an art project . 3-8th graders are downstairs for a BUF kitchen orientation and cooking lesson with Judy Fruhbauer in preparation for our Teacher Appreciation breakfast on June 7. Flipping and eating pancakes may be involved, as well as menu planning!

March 20th:  Parents’ Night Out!!