Lifelong Learning for Youth: June, 2019

June’s Theme: Gratitude

June’s Theme for the Lifelong Learning program for BUF Youth is GRATITUDE, being thankful for all we have received.

Our gifts are many, beginning with our families and the many blessings we enjoy on a daily basis, such as the availability of plentiful and healthful food to having a solid and comfortable roof over our heads.

Beginning with June 2nd, we will have an Art Project provided by Lisa Moss, our director of Sunday art projects.

The following Sunday, June 9th, will be our traditional annual flower communion service, incorporating a special acknowledgment program in support of the many volunteers and staff who have made our 2018-19 Lifelong Learning program for Youth a huge success.

The third Sunday, June 16th, is for the Choir Finale, an inter-generational service which will benefit from the inspirational and uplifting music program provided by our Music Director, Kevin Allen-Schmid.

Please join us for any or all of these activities!  For questions regarding our program of Lifelong Learning for Youth, contact Genia Allen-Schmid, Director of Lifelong Learning at BUF, via BUF’s administrative offices.