Live Streaming on YouTube — Sunday Conversation with Rev. Paul Beckel

There are (at least) THREE ways to connect with BUF to participate in the March 15th Sunday Service

  • by PHONE (audio only)
  • by SMART PHONE or TABLET (via the you tube app)
  • by COMPUTER (no need for a camera)
  • by SMART TV (maybe — see below)

See the simple instructions below.

The prelude begins at 10:15 am

Please connect before 10:30 to troubleshoot any technical difficulties.

For tech support please call:
  • Jed Reynolds: 360 441 0459
  • Sky Hedman: 360 201 2150
  • Bharti Kirchner: 360 933 4487
  • Mike Betz: 360 920 6391
    or email

Please join in if you can. Not only do we want to stay connected, but we need to know what is and isn’t working to ensure that we can make good connections as the need arises. And we have a great service planned too!

To PHONE in for Audio Only
  1. At 10:15 Sunday, dial 1-669-900-6883
  2. When asked for a meeting number, press 738 363 620
  3. When asked for a participant number or “the pound sign,” you don’t need a participant number, just press the pound sign (#)

Note: We have called every BUFster we know who does not have a computer to provide this phone-in information. Please share liberally with anyone else who you know may be able to use it.

  1. Tap this link:
  2. You’ll be asked if you want to watch on the You Tube app
  3. If you say yes, you’ll get guidance
  4. If you say no, it will play via your browser (e.g. chrome)
  5. The link above should go directly to the March 15th service. If it does not, go to the BUF channel, here:
To use your COMPUTER
  1. Tap this link:
  2. The link above should go directly to the March 15th service. If it does not, go to the BUF channel, here:
  3. This will work with any computer with internet access. No camera is needed because this service is not interactive (so no one will see you if you have bed head).
  1. Many newer TVs include a You Tube app. Even if you don’t pay separately for internet service, if you have cable or satellite service, you may be able to access the BUF channel via the You Tube app, then go to the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Channel.
Creating our spaces for worshiping together
  1. Find a quiet space if possible, with minimal distractions
  2. Prepare for a typical service length of 60-75 minutes
  3. Have a candle or chalice ready so we can all light the flames together
Here’s what to expect:
  1. Instrumental music
  2. Singing together
  3. Inspiration and information
  4. An opportunity to continue to supporting our mission through your financial generosity by clicking here:
  5. Reflections on our theme:

Promise this World your Love

It’s a time of temporary stillness, for some. What shall we do within this stillness? For many others, it’s a time of profound pressure to perform. Whichever worlds we find ourselves in, there are resources we can tap into: people of great integrity who have faced down demons; songs that have accompanied generations through all of life’s changes and challenges; visions of peace, prosperity, and community.

When we draw upon the power of these resources and these beacons that we share, we will find ourselves connected–wherever we are. Wherever you find yourself today, promise this world your love. For as we each take our own world as our beloved, we will know that all of these worlds are one.

Presented by: Paul Beckel, Carrie Koehnline, Rory McCleod, Kevin Allen-Schmid, Melanie Rieck, Barbara and Jaco ten Hove, with tech support by Mark Allyn and Jed Reynolds