NEW Spirit Matters podcast

I am excited to share with you that I am co-producing a new podcast called Spirit Matters with my friend Andrew Schoneberg. I chose this title because as a minister and healthcare chaplain, I have a personal and professional affinity for matters of the spirit.


Rev. Tessie Mandeville

For making meaning of our lives. For connection to ourselves, to each other, and to that which we name as larger than all of it. For being present to what is even as we work toward what could be if given the appropriate amounts of time, space, and action.

I would love for you to listen in whenever you want to at Bellingham’s local radio station KMRE 102.3 where you’ll find the podcast on demand at

Part of what I love about this title, Spirit Matters, is that there are many ways to interpret it, experience it, play with it, and even to wrestle with it.


Andrew Schoneberg

My vision is that this show will encompass all manner of spirit and spirituality and as such, I intend to cast a broad and deep net because I think that is of utmost importance in this complex, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, pluralistic world in which we live.

Sometimes you’ll hear me in a solo podcast and at other times you’ll hear me interview guests.

Let me know what you think: