October 2019 Religious Education Schedule

Our monthly theme is: Sanctuary

October 6: S.E.T. (Skill/Expertise/Talent sharing) Sunday

We will then introduce the concept of sanctuary and how we can create sacred places of beauty and peace. After looking at pictures of sanctuaries of different religions from around the world, Claire Lending will coach K-5th graders in Sacred Dance. Preschool will also have class and make their own “sanctuaries”.

October 13: RE classes and FIRE DRILL!!

Preschool, K-2 and 3-5th grade classes will continue exploring Sanctuary in individual classes. K-2 will use Spirit play as the medium. 3-5th graders will discuss different types of sanctuaries; physical places offering safety and peace, our own inner sanctuary where we can rejuvenate and find grounding, and animal and wildlife sanctuaries. We will watch a short film about an elephant sanctuary and discuss how we can offer protection to other life.

We will be holding a fire drill with all the children. We will keep it low key and will be taking children over to Fouts Park and return in the middle of class. We will not use alarm bells.

October 20: Field Trip Class Room Sunday

Preschool will meet as usual. K-5th grade will explore how churches can offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and read a story about immigrants to the US. Using the “Umbrella Story” we will continue to discuss how we can offer sanctuary, or safety, to other people in our own daily life.

October 27: Art Sunday

Children from K-5th grade will make mini sacred gardens to create their own sacred space for their home or bedroom. Preschool will meet separately.

COSTUME PARADE!! Come in your Halloween Costume for our annual parade during the service!!