Annual Congregational Meeting with Voting Link

Voting Link

Please join us for our annual congregational meeting, which will take place in person, in the BUF sanctuary, at noon (following the Sunday service) on May 15th. The meeting is accessible online at the usual Zoom “sanctuary” link (, Meeting passcode: BUF). Voting is also possible online for those who have attended the meeting.Below are the meeting agenda, proposed budget summary and details, information about a proposed kitchen improvement project, proposed bylaw amendments, and minutes from our previous congregational meeting that will need final approval. A big thanks to your BUF Board, Treasurer Sky Hedman, and our Administrator, Kathy Wahto for their extensive work to create these proposals and records. Please prepare for the meeting by reviewing the materials and contacting the relevant parties if you have questions. Better yet, come to another meeting which will be held at noon after the Sunday service on May 1 — specifically to address your questions about the budget and the kitchen proposal. That meeting will be held in the conference room, and on Zoom at the usual “sanctuary” address (, Meeting passcode: BUF).This is being sent as an email to all BUF members. Others are also welcome to attend the meeting. It’s advertised elsewhere, and these documents are available to anyone. Members (that is, you who are eligible to vote at the meeting) are those who have signed the BUF membership book and have made an identifiable financial contribution within the past 12 months. Fulfilling our covenant as members of BUF means staying in touch on multiple levels. That’s not a simple thing to do in our too-much-of-everything world. So we appreciate your staying in touch with one another — that’s the core of the covenant. Finances, governance, and the business of BUF, though, are also essential to uphold the metaphorical container within which we can connect on a personal level. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that we are healthy and resilient in all of these ways.Paul Beckel

Helpful documents for the meeting include: