Our fellowship runs on the financial support of BUF members and friends. Your annual pledge supports the outstanding BUF staff, pays the mortgage, keeps the lights on, and allows us to share our beautiful space with organizations such as Community to Community.

The pledge drive occurs every spring, usually during March. After the pledge cards are received, the Board uses the total as the basis of our budget for that fiscal year beginning July 1st.

Our finances have been challenging for the last several years. Spring pledges have not covered BUF’s operating costs (salaries, mortgage, repairs, etc.) and have been supplemented by the BUF MayFaire and Booktoberfest.

Our goal is to support the operations of our congregation solely through annual pledges. This frees up energy for spiritual growth, social activism, and community building. Upon reaching this goal, fundraisers will be used to support our expanding dreams for a better world.

Your donation is always welcome. You can make a one-time or monthly gift through your account at our Member Directory or by check to Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, or contact the office to set up a monthly Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank.

All donations go to the General Fund unless otherwise specified.

If you would like to be contacted about pledging, send an email to Rick Steele, Stewardship Team Chair, or call the BUF office at (360) 733-3837.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is another way to support our Fellowship. This fund is dedicated to securing the future continued vitality of our congregation. The Fund allows each of us to support an institution that embodies our ethical ideals and endures beyond our individual lives. It allows us to make a contribution to future generations.

Administered by a committee appointed by the Board of Trustees, this permanent fund will support the fellowship far into the future.  It is anticipated that the principal will never be spent and only earnings will be used. The BUF Endowment Team will be happy to assist you at any time with information about making gifts and bequests. Contact Ken Gass to donate.