Engaging within our Community is easy!  Determine which group or groups meet your interests, and drop a brief email to our Administrator, at admin@buf.org, so that she can provide you with the primary contact information for that group. This is a great way to learn more about us while expanding your social circle! Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship offers lots of different ways to engage within the BUF community, encompassing all ages and a variety of interests.

For example, Affinity Groups gather around a common interest like books or meditation. Small Group Ministry groups, like Chalice Circles, focus on spiritual development and connection beyond what is possible in a Sunday morning service. Other groups, like Committees and Teams, serve in roles that support the entire community. Within this network of groups there are endless possibilities for Volunteering a little of your time. Or it may be a time in your life when you just need to connect with caring individuals for some support.

Our Lifelong Learning program provides opportunities for growth and learning. And beyond BUF, there are more groups and teams performing service in the larger community.

This is connection. This is Community.