The BUF Caring Network

consists of our Pastoral Care Team, Phone Ministry Team, and Meal Train.

Pastoral Care

In times of personal loss, grief, or change, we offer a confidential listening presence thru one-on-one conversations in person, on the phone, or on Zoom.

Pastoral Care Team members are Rev Paul Beckel, Leslie McFee, Jan Krouskop, David Curley, and Joan Mackay. You can reach us via email (, or call the BUF office at (360) 733-3837, or use this contact form.

Phone Ministry

We make periodic calls — monthly, quarterly, whatever you feel is most helpful — to BUFsters who have difficulty getting to in-person activities … or to anyone feeling disconnected or wanting someone to check in on them on a regular basis.

If you’d like to receive calls, or make calls (or both) contact our phone ministry coordinator, Carola Tossetti, by calling the BUF office, or via this contact form.

Meal Trains

When you’re laid up, or for any other reason need short-term assistance with meals, we’ll recruit and coordinate volunteers to bring you food suitable to your diet. This might be just a couple of meals, or, if it’s for an extended period, we’ll set you up with an online Meal Train scheduling page where we’ll send BUF volunteers, and you too can send family and friends to sign up for their preferred times and dates.

If you’d like to receive meals, or if you’d like to prepare and/or deliver meals (or all of the above) contact our meal train coordinator, Annie Sorich, by calling the BUF office or via this contact form.

Unfortunately, the Caring Network is not able to offer individual or family therapy, medical care or advice, financial support, or help with yard or housework. If you need a ride to a medical appointment or to Sunday services, etc, please make a request via the buf-news email list (subscribe here).