Twelve times a year, one Sunday a month, the BUF congregation is invited to contribute to a Social and Environmental Justice Collection. We choose non-profit organizations serving in the following areas: women and children; environment; poverty/homelessness; peace and human rights; social and economic justice; and health.

Applicants will be invited to briefly speak in favor of their application by their choice of Zoom or in-person on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 at an assigned time between 2:45 and 5:15 pm.

The BUF community focuses on organizations where our financial contribution demonstrably “makes a difference.” Please explain how the money will be used, showing how the collection will relate to the achievement of the program’s goals and objectives, and the target population to be served. This could be accomplished by translating dollar amounts into number of clients served, supplies purchased, etc.

If your organization is chosen to receive a congregational collection, we ask that a representative speak for no more than five minutes during the Sunday service when the collection occurs. Your talk should include highlights in the information you provide below and tell a compelling story in order to be most successful.

In addition to speaking at the service, tell us below how your organization would inform the congregation about your organization's challenges and achievements. Some examples include: on the Sunday of the presentation, provide materials for a topic or action table; staff such a table during the after-service coffee hour to encourage conversation; present about the issues you address at a longer-format forum; provide a hands-on experience or tour for the BUF children, youth or adults; or ....

Applications are due no later than April 12th, 2024, no late applications accepted. Recipients will be announced in June.

Please respond to the questions below. Please limit your response to a total of 250 words for the first two questions on mission and use of funds combined. In addition, please be as concise as possible when answering the additional questions.

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Please relate the goals and population served by your organization. For example, $X will serve X clients in the following ways, or will purchase the following needed supplies/services or other qualitative measures.