This is a program of casual social gatherings (formerly known as “DINNERS WITH 8 OR 6”). DINING WITH FRIENDS groups may be smaller than 6 to 8 and can include meals besides dinner, such as breakfast, lunch, appetizers, or coffee and dessert. Focused on getting to know each other better, we meet in small groups at one another’s homes, engaging in fascinating conversation while enjoying delicious potluck meals. This is a popular program for those new to BUF or members and friends who have been a part of our community for years.

HOW IT WORKS: October through May the group participants have potluck meals. Each month those people who have volunteered to host are assigned a guest list. Attending one dinner per month, by the end of May 2020 you will have enjoyed up to 8 small group gatherings and met, talked with, and enjoyed the company of 50 or more people.

TO JOIN DINING WITH FRIENDS: Pick up a REGISTRATION FORM at Coffee Hour or print here. Forms can be turned in to the office or to Linda Clarke and Linda Berg at Coffee Hour starting September 8th or sent to the group email address at: To be able to participate in the October dinners, forms must be received by September 23.

All contacts may be reached using the Contact Form.