Committees and Teams are how the work gets done around here. Organized by Council (see Our Governance), these are opportunities for you to lend a hand. One way you may express interest in participating in the work of any of these groups is to make direct contact with someone in the group. Or, as leadership and membership of these committees and teams changes over time, you may choose to express your interest to our Administrator, and they will connect you with the right person.


Community Within BUF

  • Hospitality Team
  • BUF Night In Team
  • Chalice Circles Coordinating Team
  • Dining with Friends Coordinating Team
  • Women’s Retreat Organizing Team
  • All-Church Retreat Organizing Team
  • Book Group Coordinator
  • Men’s Group Coordinator
  • Young Adult Group Coordinator
  • Meditation Coordinator

Community Beyond BUF

Growth and Learning

  • Religious Education Committee
  • Sunday Forum Coordinating Team


  • Building and Grounds Team
  • Design Team
  • Safety Team
  • Information Technology Team
  • Nominating Committee (elected)
  • Board of Trustees (elected)
  • Stewardship Team (fundraising)
  • Endowment Team
  • Financial Oversight Team
  • Audit Team
  • Human Resources Team