We get together on Sunday mornings to reflect on what is most important in our lives — through the lenses of various traditions of faith, practice, wisdom, and devotion.

We share readings and music from a wide range of sources including eastern and western religions, earth-centered traditions, religious humanism, and the spirituality found in new and old poetry, stories, and prose. Our music draws on sources from around the world and from many eras and styles.

We typically begin by sharing our covenant:

Love is the spirit of this fellowship
And service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity
And joined by a quest for truth,
We work for peace and honor all creation.

While most Sunday services are led by our minister, they tend to vary a great deal in style and content. And expanding on that, we frequently have guest speakers from near and far, and services presented by lay leaders. From time to time, Sunday services incorporate holiday celebrations, extended musical presentations, multi-generational plays and pageants, rites of passage, and/or simple rituals through which we engage experientially with our questions and commitments.

The Sunday experience typically includes a sermon and is rounded out with meditations, stories, and congregational singing or interaction. We take a collection each Sunday to provide an opportunity to practice generosity, and to ensure that everything we do can be available to everyone, regardless of financial means. Or we’ll take a collection for an organization in the larger community to support the good work that they do.

We offer childcare and learning programs for children and youth at the same time as the Sunday service.