Accessibility is not just about physical accommodations. In our commitment to the inherent worth and dignity of all people, we all look out for one another’s well-being.


With designated parking spaces, an external ramp, an elevator, and accessible restrooms on all levels, all parts of our building are fully accessible.


Assistive listening headphones are available from the ushers. We make it a point to ask anyone speaking on stage or from the audience to use the portable microphones.


Large print programs are available from the ushers. If you would like an orientation to the BUF building during the week, contact the church office here, or call (360) 733-3837.

Chemical Sensitivity

We strive for a scent-free environment, therefore we ask that you consider not using the following scented products before attending BUF events: perfume, lotion, aftershave, laundry, hair care, and deodorants. 

This is something we do all together to make BUF a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive community for everyone.

Children with Special Needs

If your child requires accommodation due to learning or behavioral concerns, please contact our Director of Lifelong Learning in advance so we can make sure that they can participate fully in our activities.

Service Animals

We have grassy areas where service animals may relieve themselves.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about accessibility.