At BUF, we believe that there is always room for exploring, questioning and learning. Our lifelong learning programs for adults include our Sunday Forums, and have included study groups on the Bhagavad-Gita, the Bible, and theology as well as many other opportunities to challenge perceptions and expand knowledge bases. Opportunities for spiritual growth in Chalice Circles are a part of our Small Group Ministry.

Sunday Forums

Our Sunday Forums begin at 9:15 a.m. and end in time for the Sunday Worship Service. Due to other adult programming, Forums are currently suspended and will resume in March 2020. Here is a link to the schedule of topics by date, archives of past forums, and more information regarding our Sunday Forum program.

Additional Programs

Annual Camp Kirby Retreat

Each Fall, in September, BUF organizes a weekend retreat at Camp Kirby on Samish Island, where attendees can engage in social interaction and activities, learning, and spiritual enhancement for all.  For more information, contact Genia, our Director of Lifelong Learning. To register, click here for detailed information and a link to online registration. September 16th is the deadline to register!

Annual Women’s Retreat

Each Spring, in April, BUF women have the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat on Whidbey Island, where they engage in social interaction, learning and self-exploration, and spiritual enhancement. For more information, contact Kathy, our Administrator.

Read an Indian epic . . . The Ramayana

Sundays 12:45-2:00, beginning March 15

Two Indian epics guide the life of all Hindus. In 2016 we read the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. Now let’s read the Ramayana, a much simpler story.

In the Hindu worldview, there have been four stages of evolution, known as yugas, during which humans gradually lost awareness of their inner selves and morality. In the first epoch humans possessed true knowledge and wisdom, and everyone knew right from wrong. The events of the Ramayana happened at the end of the 2nd epoch, when humans were somewhat corrupted (had lost a quarter of the awareness of righteousness).

The events of the Mahabharata occurred at the end of the 3rd epoch when half of righteousness was lost and the world was far grimmer and more corrupt than in Rama’s time. It ushered in the worst epoch, the Kali yuga (the current time), where only 1/4th of righteousness is left. Evil and dishonesty have now replaced truth and righteousness.

The reading is expected to be completed in six weeks. However, since this epic strongly influences the lives of Hindus even now, we will have lots of discussions of its significance. So the pace will depend on the group. And we will end our reading program with a movie of the Ramayana. If you are interested in reading this epic, please contact Debu Majumdar.

There will be weekly meetings on Sundays at 12:45 pm, starting on March 15. If you have a copy of the Ramayana, great; otherwise, Debu recommends Srimad Ramayana: The Prince of Ayodhya by D.S. Sarma.”