Small group ministry is a network of small groups whose main objectives are to strengthen the congregation by drawing us into mutual ministry.

Chalice Circles

One way we do this is through Chalice Circles. These are covenant groups that encourage newcomers and longtime members and friends of BUF to deepen their connection to each other while expanding their personal and spiritual growth. These groups of six to ten members meet monthly at BUF or in each others’ homes for sharing and discussing.

The topics invite participants to consider their deep convictions, beliefs, and experiences that speak to the core of human existence (the Ultimate). The sharing and deep listening that occurs during this process cultivates trust and strong bonds among the group (the Intimate). Chalice Circles are facilitated by lay members of the Fellowships, who join in on this journey of the Ultimate and the Intimate.

Chalice Circles meet from October to June. A month-long registration process occurs in September during which registrants are placed into existing or newly created groups. Every effort will be made to place interested people after September 30th into an existing group, although the placement may not be immediate. For more information on Chalice Circles with openings, please contact our Administrator in the BUF office.

Four gifts you will receive when you join a Chalice Circle:

  1. A way to discuss and appreciate life’s deep experiences, challenges, and mysteries.
  2. A way to find unity in diversity.
  3. A way to feel closer to other members, make new friends, and strengthen ties with old ones.
  4. A way to achieve greater breadth, depth, and meaning in our lives.