Sunday Morning Programs for Children

Children at BUF are guided in their religious lives through a combination of worship, small group activities, social action, and fellowship. BUF’s ministry with children creates a welcoming, trusting environment in which each young person is nurtured spiritually, stretched mentally, and supported emotionally. Our challenge is to empower our children to take responsibility for their beliefs and for their ethical and moral decisions. 

We are blessed with a team of dedicated teachers who are committed to helping our children navigate the choppy waters of life. They are invested in building relationships with the children and families in our community. And they support each other in this work. All of our children’s religious education classes are taught by teaching teams, so there are generally two teachers in each classroom on a Sunday morning. A criminal background check as well as a signed Code of Ethics is required for all of our volunteers who work with children on a regular basis.  

Where Should the Children Go on Sunday Mornings?

Newborns to age 3 are invited to the Nursery at the back of the sanctuary, where trained childcare providers are happy to spend the morning with them.


Childcare is an important ministry at BUF. Childcare is available free of charge for all our regular programs. This includes Sunday worship, choir rehearsal, and Taizé.

NOTE: Providing childcare supports adult spiritual development and the development of our youth. Registered youth ages 13 and older are invited to participate as childcare providers by attending a mandatory training and follow-up meetings. Youth are paid for their services so in addition to community-building experience, they gain early work experience. The relationship among parents, youth, and children is an important one. Click here for specific expectations for parents, youth and children. Children and youth participating regularly in childcare should be registered in the Religious Education Program with the form below.

Children 3 years through 8th grade will begin Sunday mornings in the service with their families. Then children will be invited to religious education as part of the worship ritual, at which time they make their way to their various classrooms, upstairs on the top floor. 

High school youth (9th through 12th grades) meet Sunday evenings at 4:00 pm in the Loft.

Forms below for the 2019-20 church year


Contact our Director of Lifelong Learning, Genia Allen-Schmid.