The Native American Connections Committee (NACC) is a Ministry Action Team that works to support, honor, appreciate, and work cooperatively with Indigenous peoples locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Indigenous communities face many challenges and there are many opportunities to build relationships with our indigenous neighbors. NACC has been actively involved with indigenous communities like Lummi Nation since 2005. We have supported any number of educational events and cultural opportunities to become engaged in the issues and activities of Indian Country. We have worked and continue to work

  • Locally, with indigenous communities and organizations like Lummi Nation in supporting the Lummi Food Bank, supporting the Youth Canoe Family, Lummi Nation School, and other youth programs, and so much more;
  • Regionally, with Tribes/Nations of the Pacific Northwest on events such as the annual Tribal Canoe Journey;
  • Nationally, we’ve promoted the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery (2012), brought Lummi Nation to GA (2015) and more recently supported the current Truth and Reconciliation movement (2019)
  • Internationally, we regularly reach across the border into British Columbia to support First Nations communities and support Lummi House of Tears Carvers Totem Pole Journeys. We’ve also hosted indigenous leaders and speakers from South America.
  • UUA and UU-affiliated organizations such as UUSC, UUMFE, College of Social Justice, Green Sanctuary, Indigenous Water Protectors, JUUstice Washington, in collaborative efforts to support indigenous communities, through the UU family, all across the globe.
  • We’re engaged in bringing in other NGO’s and faith groups to the table to support Tribal leadership in addressing issues that are impacting them.

There are many other ways in which NACC contributes to the support of Indigenous communities including calls for action and for contributions of time, money, and service to build bridges of understanding, respect, and compassion; promoting and attending at public cultural events; sponsoring Native representatives at Sunday Adult Forums and as guest speakers in the pulpit; and supporting Native artists, musicians, and storytellers. We educate our congregation by opening BUF to the general public for these workshops, movies, and speakers, and we work with other UU congregations and faith groups to establish teams to support indigenous communities in their areas. We take social action when we are invited to do so and volunteer when asked by the Tribes. For more information contact Beth Brownfield or Deb Cruz.

Check out the NACC Blog for upcoming events and projects.

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