Why Should I Become a Member?

If you’ve been exploring BUF long enough to get to know what we’re about, and you feel that you’ve found a spiritual home, we hope you’ll consider becoming a member. Every member makes BUF a stronger community and a more powerful advocate for peace and justice. Members may vote in our congregational meetings, and receive the Unitarian Universalist Association’s quarterly magazine.

But you don’t do it for the perks (though there certainly is personal gain that comes when we experience the transformative power of living in covenant and honoring right relationship with other members). Really, the only reason to become a member is because you intend to help to fulfill our shared mission. Everyone does this in their own way.

While your presence and your financial support are essential, as our life circumstances change over time, our capacities to contribute in different ways will ebb and flow. Our community thrives because each of us makes a point to find balance in our relationship to the congregation — both being nurtured and providing care to others.

How Do I Become a Member?

Technically, you’ll make a financial pledge, and sign the membership book, then continue to contribute as generously as you can (with a financial gift that we can attribute to you) at least once per year.

More importantly, you’ll do your best to live a life of gratitude, generosity, and integrity — in the spirit of the UU principles, and our Covenant of Healthy Relationships. You’ll serve the congregation and the world beyond our walls. You’ll continue to grow as a person by putting your own ideals into practice, and learning about our Unitarian Universalist heritage and the evolving mission of our larger movement.

As you consider becoming a member, we encourage you to take our periodic three-part “Pathway to Membership” classes, through which you’ll learn about UU history, principles, and the sources that have shaped and continue to feed us. You’ll take time to reflect on your own spiritual aspirations, and what the next steps may be for you. You’ll get a sense of how we are together, as the learning occurs through and within each of us, not top-down. We’ll also briefly review BUF’s organizational structure, looking for opportunities to engage in and support our various programs.

The “Pathways to Membership” classes are not only for those who have already decided to join the congregation. There will be no pressure. Rather, the classes provide an opportunity weigh your readiness to commit to our beloved community. Whether you are a member or not, we welcome you to participate in our programs, volunteer, and make financial pledges and contributions.

Being a Member

Let your support and commitment to BUF be a springboard to growth. Make friends or overcome shyness. Learn spiritual practices and interpersonal skills. Cultivate new avocations.

We will celebrate and grieve with you. We will journey with you in your search for truth and meaning. We’ll be there as you unpack old religious baggage and open your heart to new discoveries.