Bring Forth Beauty

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I’m unsure how to feel about beauty. I’m easily caught up by it. But is this reaction defensible from a moral and practical point of view? Isn’t beauty a … read more.

Featured Events

Face masks are now optional at BUF services and events. We still require COVID vaccination for all who attend.

Streaming on Zoom will continue for those not yet ready to meet face-to-face.

Many other gatherings, meetings, classes, and other activities continue on Zoom. Some small groups do meet face-to-face. Check individual announcements for specific connection details.

Under normal circumstances, we would offer diverse activities throughout the week such as meditation, concert, social justice events, guest speakers, and community dinners. These will resume when that is possible. Please check the fellowship calendar.


COVID Update

  • from the COVID Task Force

    On March 27, if the local data remains stable, BUF will join the “masks optional” arena. In the meantime, please continue to wear your mask to BUF services and events.

    As you go about your lives in the Masks-Optional world outside of BUF, at the grocery store, the gym, restaurants, etc., please keep in mind the following:

    • Take into consideration your family and loved ones at home who may be more at risk due to immuno-compromised risks, age, or inability to be vaccinated, and use a mask accordingly;
    • Keep in mind those around you at BUF who may be in the above category and use a mask accordingly, holding everyone is a safe space;
    • Remember, there are many in the larger Bellingham community who are not vaccinated and may also not be wearing masks. You must be proactive about taking care and being mindful of your own risks;
    • If you are feeling unwell, have cough, sniffles, Please Stay Home.

    The COVID Task Force consists of Rev. Paul Beckel, Murray Bennett, Henry Ohana, Patricia Conover, Deb Cruz, Kathy Wahto, and Ken Gass.