Impossible Dreams

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1-23-2022 Order of Service

The musical Man of La Mancha brought to life the iconic Don Quixote and his “impossible dream.” The story and music touch on how we might find hope in the … read more.

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We have resumed gathering for services in our sanctuary. We require masks, social distancing, and vaccination for all who attend. Congregational singing will be limited to Circle Round at the end of the service (let’s plan not to hold hands). At this time, there will be no food or gathering after the service.

The sanctuary is set up with chairs and pews for individuals/couples/family groups to select as they see fit. Depending on how many are sitting in groups, we’ll have space for 50-100 in the sanctuary, and we’ll have overflow seating in the social hall where the live-streamed service will be shown on a large TV.

Streaming on Zoom will continue for those not yet ready to meet face-to-face.

Many other gatherings, meetings, classes, and other activities continue on Zoom. Some small groups do meet face-to-face. Check individual announcements for specific connection details.

Under normal circumstances, we would offer diverse activities throughout the week such as meditation, concert, social justice events, guest speakers, and community dinners. These will resume when that is possible.


COVID Update

  • from the COVID Task Force

    The Covid Task Force met on January 7 to review the BUF policies considering the current wave of the Omicron variant.

    As per current recommendations from the CDC and other agencies the task force recommends that BUF participants and visitors rethink their masking choices. If you are using a single ply cloth mask, please consider upgrading your protection to the best possible mask available (KN95 or N95 is very good protection, 3-ply surgical masks are effective) if fitted tightly over your nose and over your chin). Also, please keep in mind the fit of the mask and how well it covers the bridge of the nose and mouth, including the tip of your chin).

    We require vaccinations, social distancing, and masks for all who attend in-person services. The sanctuary is set up with chairs and pews for individuals and groups to select as they see fit. We have space for up to 100 in the sanctuary. Overflow seating is available in the social hall — where the service are livestreamed on a large screen. Children under the age of 5 who are unvaccinated may attend services in the Nursery with a parent; the greeter at the front door will assist with this seating.