When Things are not Fixed

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9-19-2021 Order of Service

Change means loss, and often grief. Uncertainty may cause anxiety. But change and uncertainty may also remind us that we have the potential to nudge ourselves loveward.

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Most face-to-face gatherings have been suspended. Services, meetings, classes, and other activities have been moved to Zoom online. Check individual announcements for specific connection details.

Under normal circumstances, we would offer diverse activities throughout the week such as meditation, concert, social justice events, guest speakers, and community dinners. These will resume when that is possible.


COVID Update

  • from the COVID Task Force

    In keeping with State guidelines, whenever you are in the BUF building, you will need to wear a mask.

    Groups of fifteen people or less may gather inside the building. Please contact our Administrator, Kathy Wahto, to make arrangements: 360-733-3837 (

    There are no restrictions on outdoor gatherings. For BUF activities in private homes, the host will determine the requirements.

    Sunday services will be held only on Zoom at least through the end of October.