Flower Communion & Father’s Day

Zoom link:
Meeting passcode: BUF
6-20-2021 Order of Service

Along with our tradition of gathering and sharing flowers, we’ll hear from members of the BUF men’s group about fathering and being fathered. Please plan to bring … read more.

Featured Events

All face-to-face gatherings have been suspended. Most services, meetings, classes, and other activities have been moved to Zoom online. Check individual announcements for specific connection details.

Under normal circumstances, we would offer diverse activities throughout the week such as meditation, concert, social justice events, guest speakers, and community dinners. These will resume when that is possible.


COVID Update

  • from the COVID Task Force

    Guidelines for Small Groups

    As of May 21, 2021, the following guidelines apply to BUF-related gatherings of FIFTEEN OR FEWER people.

    1. When all participants attest that they are vaccinated, distancing and masking are not required.
    2. When participants are not asked to attest that they are vaccinated (this includes activities attended by children for whom vaccination is not yet available)