Speaker: Rod Haynes

Our Many Commitments ֍ [V]

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Reflections on the multiple dimensions of commitment and their consequences for our personal, interpersonal, and wide-ranging social and civic relationships. Also: our newest member, Naomi Gary introduces herself and speaks about her life-long involvement in and commitment to Unitarian Universalism.



Falling Apart as a Spiritual Exercise

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In the days following the election, regardless of the results (or lack of results), I anticipate a significant emotional let down. There’s no need to describe this as “negative” or “positive.” It will be, inevitably, a time for deep breathing and letting go.


On History, Legend, and Myth ֍ [V]

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Sorting the coherent from incoherence is accomplished with an infusion of artistic bias by the historian-writer. Where does the science of historical research and artistic interpretation of human history meet? Where does legend and myth fit into this discussion?

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