Community to Community Development (C2C), is a local organization based in Whatcom and active in Skagit County. C2C works in the areas of food sovereignty (which covers fair trade, healthy and sustainable farming, farm worker rights, healthy cooking and nutrition education), immigration reform, civic education, leadership development — particularly with youth, women’s rights, eliminating racism and racial profiling, prison divestment and other social change movements. Much of their work is inspired by the teachings of Cesar Chavez.

Individual members of BUF, specifically the Social and Environmental Justice Committee and the Immigrant Rights Ministry Team, have had ongoing personal relationships with C2C since 2005. It came to be well known that C2C had need of greater resources, in order to be more effective in their activities. A proposal was made for establishing a formal partnership of BUF with C2C. In May 2012, the BUF Congregation voted in favor of the partnership, and joint meetings were begun. Here is a link to the history of C2C.

The BUF-C2C Partnership team works in providing ongoing education and activism regarding the named issues, for the benefit of C2C and the people whom they assist and support. It is expected to continue indefinitely. 

For more information contact Mike Betz or Rosalinda Guillen.