Speaker: Rev. Paul Beckel

Are We On Course?

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Many years ago, I became disillusioned with Christianity because I did not think it was on course to fulfill its promise. Now I have to ask: is Unitarian Universalism on course to fulfill its promise?



We get to Love

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Despite our differences, we get to love each. Despite the obstacles and misunderstandings, the isolation, fear, and uncertainty, we get to love. And we get to continue, throughout our lives, to expand the circle, practice letting go of ego, and continue becoming the … read more.

Beloved Community as an Antidote to Shame

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Rather than “sin,” UUs tend to resonate with the concept of “harm.” And, in response to sin/harm, instead of “shame,” we seek “opportunities to reflect.” In both cases, the difference is whether we focus on individual penance vs mending relationships.



Kind vs Nice

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For Valentines’ Day, in our continuing conversation about Beloved Community, we’ll explore the difference between niceness and kindness. Also, calling one another “in” vs. calling one another “out” — not just why, but how.