Honoring and Acknowledging
Lhaq’temish Traditional Territories
Since time immemorial Lhaq’temish,
“The People,” have lived in these territories

Lhaq’temish are the people who survived the great flood. This is the beginning of all the tribes whose name ends in “mish”. The story tells of a time when all of the “mish” nations were one people. A great flood was coming and everyone in the community agreed to place the children into canoes. These children were the ones to carry on their traditions. During the flood, the waters became rough and some of the canoes were separated. When the water receded, the canoes began to land on different locations up and down the Salish Sea. They formed their own societies such as the Xwlolomish (Lummi), Duwamish, Swinomish, and Stillaguamish.”