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Monthly Taizé Service ֍ [V]

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Taizé services originated in the monastic community in Taizé, France in the 1940s.

At BUF, we have created our own UU-style Taizé service that draws from one of our sources — direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder.

You Gotta Have Friends ֍ [V]

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In these difficult times, we need all the help we can get. Our normal ways of being together need a different outlet. Let’s think about how important friendships are, buoying us in uncertain times, and keeping us afloat.



On History, Legend, and Myth ֍ [V]

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Sorting the coherent from incoherence is accomplished with an infusion of artistic bias by the historian-writer. Where does the science of historical research and artistic interpretation of human history meet? Where does legend and myth fit into this discussion?

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