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Questionable Language: Words Matter

Does our everyday language subconsciously reinforce white primacy? Do negative connotations of “dark” and “black” and positives of “light” and “white” affect how we see one another? Is there a difference between being racist and having racism? Let’s question together!

Lessons from Laughter

What can you learn from a laugh? Can it give you a life lesson?  Can it ease your burden? Help you roll with the punches? Stop anxiety or anger? Join us for a service which will include both lessons AND laughter.

Take Time Back

Presence creates a sense of home.  How do we create pockets of ‘rest’ in which to Be, in one place only, and resist nonstop calls to connect and Do?

What’s Your Story?

Stories explain a lot.  If we’re lucky, we might live a story or come across a story that doesn’t necessarily resolve conundrums and anguishes, but somehow shifts us to a new place, a new understanding and sometimes even a new acceptance.

Rocked by the Infinite

The late US poet laureate Stanley Kunitz wrote poems that speak powerfully to what it means to be human, particularly in the face of love and loss. This service of poetry and reflections will be supported by improvisational music by pianist Andrea Rackl.

Monthly Taizé Service

Taizé services originated in the monastic community in Taizé, France in the 1940s. At BUF, we have created our own UU-style Taizé service that draws from one of our sources — direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder.

Livestream from the UUA General Assembly

Join thousands of UUs from around the country gathering to sing and to reflect on our vision for our future. More here: